In early stage it’s hard to avail various supports for innovators/Start-ups from multiple sources as it increases its transaction cost. SSIP hub wish to cater to this by having a dedicated programme called Start-up Clinic. Through this programme guidance to be provided to the innovators for formation of Start-up and process involved therein. This guidance will be provided through on site of Individual and group senior.

  • The empanelled expert/service provider/freelancer will be given an honorarium of Rs. 2000 per day at SSIP Hub and Rs. 3000 per day for visit to College/University for duration of 5 hours excluding travel time.
  • Travelling expense will be additional. Government norms in this regard will be followed.
Modus operandi:
  • SSIP hub will continuously interact with innovators/start-ups and SSIP grantees to map their needs.
  • Start up clinic would function 2 days in a week in field and one day in I-Hub at KCG.
  • The program/ schedule of startup clinic will be prepared in advance and queries will be collected from students beforehand.
  • The innovators/ students who have queries will be called on a designated day for answering their startup related queries.
  • During field session 2 hours group session will be followed by 3 hours of individual handholding session. (15 to 30 min each).
  • Feedback will be collected from students and innovators to measure the performance of panelists.
  • For sessions in I-Hub, only those panelists will be called in whose subject queries have been received.
  • I-Hub sessions will not normally have peer Entrepreneurs.
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